Recruitment for schools and nurseries!


At Great Starts our aim is to provide a straight forward solution to your permanent recruitment needs. We love to ensure all candidates are well suited and appropriate for our clients positions. We take all the hard work of advertising your positions, pre-screening, to make sure you are not wasting important time and money on interviewing applicants who do not have the right criteria for your role.

Great Starts Recruitment understand when you are looking for a new hire, quality not quantity is the answer, and this is our focus. We know you would rather interview two excellent, well suited candidates allowing you to make your decision quickly and efficiently. Rather than interviewing six candidates who are not well matched and who you cannot offer employment to. However we do not limit the amount of interviews we can arrange for you, if this is what you need to find your perfect match.

Need help with a current Vacancy?

If you have any current vacancies or are you struggling to find suitable candidates for your roles, you can speak with our specialist recruiters today to find out more on how we can assist you on 01268 218306. Alternatively, can complete our form below and once submitted someone will contact you ASAP to take down the specifics, so we can get to work finding your next Great Start.